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Thrust pistons

Threaded circular cylinders w/o end position damping.
Operating pressure up to 125 bar
Pressure mediums: Mineral oils
Temperature range for pressure mediums: -20 to +80 °C i.e. -4 to 176 °F
Viscosity range: 20 to 80*10^-6 m/s
Piston speed: max. 0.5 m/s  

New orders

Thrust pistons which are ordered together with an HP 1000 control unit, will be shipped with low leakage flatface quick couplings and all adapters required for operation with our test frame.

Existing clients

Should you buy an additional thrust piston, it must be matched to your HP 1000. The thrust piston and the HP 1000 must be sent in to our facilities to match them. The formerly used non spill free couplings are still available.

The measuring system requires a certain minimum pressure, therefore the measuring range, in which the thrust pistons achieve the required accuracy, begins at 10% of the maximum force range.

max. forcemin. forcemax. force risemin. force rise weightØ piston rodthread piston rod
0,6 kN0,06 kN100 N/sec20 N/sec
 1,72 kg18 mm M 10
3,5 kN0,35 kN500 N/sec100 N/sec1,61 kg12 mmM 10
9 kN0,9 kN500 N/sec200 N/sec2,34 kg20 mmM 16x1,5
14 kN1,4 kN500 N/sec200 N/sec3,12 kg25 mmM 22
20 kN2 kN500 N/sec300 N/sec5,34 kg30 mmM 24x1,5

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