Q: The oil level is low, what kind of oil can I use to refill the tank?
A: We use LiquiMoly Top Tec ATF 1100, alternatively use an ATF Oil with similar specifications. The tank volume of the HP 850 is ca. 5 L, the tank volume of the HP 1000 1.5 L.

Q: We want to send in our unit for service or repairs, what do I have to do?
A: Please inform us beforehand by email, so that we can give you additional information and ensure, that the service or repairs can be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Q: After booting the display shows „F2“, what can I do?
A: Error code 2 means that there is no contact to internal components. This can be caused by a loose connection, a damaged component or a broken cable.
Pull the power cable, open the casing and check for loose connections.

Q: Can the unit be calibrated by a different provider?
A: Yes, but only we can adjust the unit, should the accuracy be out of range.

Q: The display shows „F6“, what can I do?
A: Error code 6 means, that the unit is overheated. Please let the unit cool down, before continuing.

Q: What unit of measurement is shown on the display after the experiment?
A: The result is shown in Newton [N]. In order to calculate the tear-of force, divide the force in Newton by the area of the test plunger.  
Tear-off force [N/mm²] = F [N] / A [mm²] 

Q: How can I determine the test time?
A: The rate of force rise is linear with the pre-selected value. Divide the displayed value in Newton by the pre-selected rate of force rise.
t[s] = F [N] / Fs [N/s]


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